Working to Help Others Takes the Salesforce Team to That Elusive Next Level in Chicago, IL

Salesforce brought a small but eclectic group to our Bike-A-Thon Charity Workshop. There were only 14 people in attendance that day, but many of them had never worked together directly and management wanted them to begin seeing things from a new and wider perspective. After talking at length with key management team members, we came up with a workshop custom designed to accomplish exactly that — to give staff members a chance to work together in entirely new ways, ways they could carry back to the office when the workshop was over.

SalesforceWith Familiarity Comes Appreciation and Diligence

The participants started the day knowing they’d be donating the fruits of their labor to a wonderful charity called the Chicago Youth Programs. This went a long way toward motivating the different teams and keeping them focused.

The group from Salesforce might have been small in number, but that didn’t stop them from coming into the day with high levels of energy and enthusiasm. Some of this could be attributed to the competitive juices starting to flow, but it became clear as the workshop progressed that they were working hard under more group-based incentives as well.

To keep up with this high level of energy, we kept things moving all morning and into the afternoon. We started with what we sometimes call warm up or icebreaker activities like Say
What I say and Air Counting, little team-oriented games that deliver powerful teamwork lessons even as they divert and entertain.

We used another quick game to divide up the group into teams, always keeping in mind the goals that management wanted the group to accomplish. The way we divided teams was part of our efforts to get different combinations of people working together. That way, when they returned to work, they’d be much more likely to do their departments’ work in a way that to increased efficiency and morale throughout the rest of the company.

Salesforce and Chicago Youth Programs Share in the Spoils

Not surprisingly, the various Salesforce teams crushed it during the actual Bike-a-Thon as well, with nobody wanting to let their teammates or the kids at the Chicago Youth Programs down. But there was no way that would happen with this group.

Showing commitment, deference, and teamwork all day long, Salesforce donated a big pile of bicycles to the Chicago Youth Programs and turned into a different kind of group while doing it. Chicago Youth Programs. This went a long way toward motivating the different teams and keeping them focused.

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