Corporate Team Building Activities

Don’t You Want Corporate Team Building Activities That Do More Than Just Entertain?

Let’s face it: your employees thrive when they’re given a challenge. At Chicago Team Building Events, we took that idea to heart when we designed our corporate team building activities.

You see, a quick glance online will show you that “Corporate Team Building Activities” can mean a lot of things, depending on whom you ask. Apparently hula hoop relays and group skiing count as corporate team building events to some, but do they really help your team move forward and improve?

We believe you’d like to invest your training dollars rather than simply spend them on a day of fun and games. Our experiential team building workshops will do more than that by helping build your team into something better.

With us, corporate team development is still fun, but it’s also challenging, thought-provoking and totally “relatable” to the work environment.

How do we do it?

Incorporating Team Development Into the Fabric of Everything We Do

Let’s begin with our curricula: the focus is on learning, growing, and building workplace skills for the future. We make sure lessons learned are transferable to the office.

Nobody likes a talking head, so our activities are experiential, interactive and followed up by debriefing sessions which ask your team to reflect and discuss the topic at hand.

Now let’s take a look at the team at Chicago Team Building Events- the ones who conduct our corporate workshops and who lead those all-important debriefing sessions. They’ve got an average of 15 years of experience behind them, meaning:

  1. They know how to engage their participants.
  2. They know how to stay focused on the matter at hand.
  3. They know how to get everyone involved in the all-important yet challenging debriefing sessions.

It’s a combination of intuition and experience that gives our facilitators the ability to deliver effective workshops for all our clients, from the smallest businesses to our Fortune 500 clients who come back to us over and over again. Ours are simply the best facilitators in the industry.

Our Formula for Success is Your Guarantee for Results

Chicago-Team-Building-Events-Activity-Debrief-TransferOur results-driven corporate workshops are developed according to a three-fold model of Activity-Debrief-Transfer. This formula drives experiential learning and ensures that your group is coming away with team skills they can apply back in the workplace.

By focusing on creating a platform for discussion, we’re engaging participants on a personal level. That’s where the magic begins… the insights gained will make a lasting impression and translate into positive change back in the workplace.

We’ll take the time to understand your goals and the personality of your team. That’s the first step towards creating the fun, thought-proving workshops we’re known for.

If you’d like to learn more, give us a call or fill out our quote request form.