Puttin Pantry

What charity team building workshop combines golf, Chicago food pantries and teamwork? Puttin Pantry™, of course!

Puttin-Pantry-Team-Building-LogoThis unique workshop combines efforts with a local food pantry so your team is working to do good in the community while they boost their teamwork skills.

The surprising end product of this golf-themed workshop is a very large donation of non-perishable food items, which is where the food pantry comes in, of course. But before your team can prepare their donations for what usually turns out to be a heart-warming donation ceremony at the end, they have to jump through a few hoops.

That’s where the team building comes in!

How Puttin Pantry ™ Helps Your Team

There’s a reason why team building workshops with a charitable twist work so well.

Of course there’s a lot involved when you’re trying to open up horizons and help people improve their work habits and communicate better in teams. But we’ve found that when participants are truly engaged in what they’re doing, their performance skyrockets.

By instilling a sense of community-driven purpose into Puttin Pantry ™, one that speaks to everyone, we’ve given your team even more reasons to succeed. Helping to feed those less fortunate is something we can all relate to.

Your Team Members Become Visionaries for a Day

We love Puttin Pantry™ because it encompasses so many skills. First, your team will need to tap into a group vision in order to design a mini golf course. It’s challenging right from the start, since collaborating to envision their course will take some high-level communication skills. They’ll need to show proficiency in several areas :

  • brainstorming
  • communication
  • tapping into creativity

Then they’ll need to figure out a way to build those courses right there in the workshop. The building materials? Non perishable food items! After their mini golf courses are built, they’ll be competing on them to see which team did the best job. A few more areas they’ll be developing:

  • resource management
  • measuring success
  • processing feedback
  • organization

At All Comes Together as Teams “Ace” Their Mission

Teams will not only strengthen their bonds, they’ll put in some serious work improving their ability to work together on all sorts of projects, not just building mini golf courses out of cereal boxes! You’ll appreciate your group’s renewed commitment to work hard and achieve their goals, and your company will appreciate the work they did to connect with the Chicago community in meaningful ways. Everyone wins in this game of golf!

To find out how you can win with Puttin Pantry™, give us a call today.