Mission: Kids Care

Mission: Kids Care™ Prepares Everyone to Win!

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-BuildingBenjamin Franklin said it best when he spoke about preparation: it’s essential for success. Nobody knows that like parents of kids going back to school each year. Every August, when families begin back-to-school preparations, there are inevitably some families who find the cost simply too much to afford. School supplies cost a lot: paper, pencils, backpacks, and that’s just the beginning.

These are the tools for success for our Chicago-area school children, and many are missing out on preparing for school simply for financial reasons.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

Mission: Kids Care™ offers your team to chance to help kids prepare for school- and by doing so teams learn for themselves about the connections between preparation and success.

Help Chicago Get Kids Back to School and Help Your Team Prepare for Success

Give Chicago kids a boost up for school while your team learns to take time out for preparation in everything they do. By collaborating to fill backpacks with much-needed school supplies for kids, teams put into practice skills that they’ll need back in the office. These collaborative skills are what transform your “group of individuals” into a true working team…that’s team building!

The valuable lessons about teamwork are reinforced by our experiential learning model. Team facilitators at Chicago Team Building Events know that nobody comes to a skill-building workshop just to sit around and listen to someone talk for hour after hour!

That’s why our workshop offers participants real-life situations for their problem-solving activities. The focus is on preparation and planning, which are essential for large-scale projects but useful for smaller goals as well. The carefully planned modules build upon each other, one after another until your team is finally collaborating like the high-performing team you knew they could be!

Everyone Could Use a Little More Planning!

In today’s fast-paced world, thing sometimes get done by the seat of one’s pants. Proper preparation goes out the window, and too often you’ll see people at work “winging it”.

What they’ve lost sight of is that even a tiny amount of preparation will go a long way towards ensuring eventual success. Mission: Kids Care™ teaches your team to sit back, listen to each other and plan their approach to everything they do by collaborating and communicating.

If you’d like to schedule a Mission: Kids Care™ workshop for your team and help them achieve their goals while helping local kids prepare for school, please call us today. We’d love to hear from you!