Bicycle Team Building

If you haven’t heard of bicycle team building, then let us be the first to introduce you to the world’s most popular charity team building workshop.

Bike-A-Thon-Bicycle-Team-Building This classic event brings everyone together, executives right down to assistants, to build bicycles for Chicago kids who need them. The collaborative spirit drives your team to build valuable inroads towards community involvement, skill development, and self fulfillment. It’s a powerful event no matter where you sit in the boardroom!

Helping You Build Bridges With Your Community

The driving force behind the power of our Bike-a-Thon™ team building workshop is the connections your team makes when they donate bicycles to Chicago kids. The excitement builds throughout the day, as teams anticipate the final act, which is giving the bicycles to deserving kids right here in Chicago. Whenever possible, we try to have someone from the receiving organization present at the end, for a powerful finale to an important day. The best is when the kids themselves can be part of the day.

Helping Your Team Build Camaraderie

Whether you bring in a team that works together every day back in the office, or whether it’s individuals from different departments or even different businesses, everyone learns about camaraderie and the value each member brings to the tasks at hand.

As teams work their way through challenges presented throughout the day, they’ll come to realize that having everyone contribute to finding solutions and solving puzzles is the fastest road to success. They’re learning by doing, putting valuable teamwork initiatives to work and testing them out.

Action-Based Learning Promotes Better Team Building

We’re all about action-based learning here at Chicago Team Building Events, and that’s why our workshops are experiential. We call our workshop leaders “facilitators” because what they do is set the stage for your team to perform. Our facilitators are not simply talking heads- they get your team working, collaborating, communicating and testing new ways of solving problems.

Work Together, Earn Bicycle Parts, and Build Those Bicycles!

The end result of this ever-popular team building event is a sea of smiling faces…yours, the kids’, and ours. That’s because there’s a sense of fulfillment, joy, and pride that comes with the realization that together, we can do whatever we set our sights upon.

If you’d like to find out what all the Bike-a-Thon™ buzz is about, give us a call or request a quote today. Ask us about customization and/or combining this event with a classroom workshop for a well-rounded day of challenging fun.