The Interns Take Over as Blue Cross Blue Shield Build Bikes for Children

We always have a fantastic time here at homw, so were more than happy to stage a Bike-A-Thon Charity Workshop for a group of brand new interns from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

And even though some of these interns had never even met before the day of the workshop, much less worked together, we knew that once we broke the ice they’d tear through our activities like seasoned pros. And just like we always do, we custom designed the activities to accomplish management’s goals and bring the interns along slowly. Let’s have a look to see how well we pulled it off.

Blue Cross Blue ShieldIt was the Exact Same as Last Year and a Brand New Ballgame

We’d done this same workshop the year before, but with a completely different group of interns. That meant that while we could utilize this previous experience, we’d still need to stay fluid and responsive to this group’s specific needs if we truly wanted to serve our client. Flexibility is key if you want to team building the right way. You can’t just repeat the same routines over and over again and expect to get maximum results.

That’s why we came up with a design that met these energetic young interns right they were — in a place full of enthusiasm, shyness, and will to succeed. We started off by separating teams into groups of 5-7 people, each with an eclectic mix of personalities, backgrounds, and nationalities. After that, we got things going with warm-up games like Say What I Say, Dice Banking, and Flip the Cup.

After the initial shyness started to wear off, we could the various teams’ talents begin to shine through. After a slow start, they performed well during the morning activities and rode a wave of teamwork momentum into the afternoon.

Chicago Youth Programs Headquarters Adds Extra Incentive

By the time the warm-up activities were finished, most of the shyness was gone and an eager sense of giving prevailed. That’s one of the key advantages to working with a reputable charity like the Chicago Youth Programs— their participation alone pretty much-guaranteed maximum hustle and effort.

Even if everything else was a little different, the end result was more or less what we’d achieved the year before. The interns learned teamwork skills they could use for the rest of their careers, management was happy with the progress they saw, and the Chicago Youth Programs received the fruits of everyone’s labor.

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