MGT Consulting’s Leadership Team Unites Around WheelCharity in Chicago, IL

Although MGT Consulting has been around for a long time, they’ve recently experienced some turnover among the leadership team. This is a group that’s pretty spread out, geographically, and doesn’t get together in one location often. The age range among the team members is pretty broad, too.

MGT ConsultingMGT Consulting’s Leadership Team Meets in Chicago, IL

MGT Consulting had hired us a while back to lead a bicycle building charity team building program for them, and we were thrilled when they asked us to return and help this group with our WheelCharity™ program. Our objectives for the day were to help the leadership team practice working toward a shared objective while supporting each other as a cohesive unit.

The Godfrey Hotel location was lovely if a little challenging. We moved several tables and chairs around on the rooftop lounge so that people had space to work, but a few of the couches and heat lamps were fixed in place. The group took it in stride though, working around awkward spots easily.

Real Change through WheelCharity™

Because these MGT Consulting team members don’t see each other frequently, we opened with some ice breaker games. It really warmed up the room, and what started as small talk became genuine conversation, camaraderie, and cheering each other on. At that point, we knew the team was ready for WheelCharity™ to benefit the kids at SOS Children’s Villages Illinois!

The 30 participants divided into several teams. Everyone was eager to get started, and once they learned they’d have to compete for bicycle parts and tools through games, activities, and challenges, the level of excitement intensified. MGT Consulting leadership team members engaged in friendly competition and ribbing to see which team could finish the greatest number of bicycles in the time allotted. Participants pulled together and produced more than a dozen kids’ bikes in a short period of time.

WheelCharity™ Program Benefits SOS Children’s Villages Illinois

When Anne Glaza, the representative from SOS Children’s Villages Illinois arrived to accept the donation, she was impressed! She talked with each team for a few minutes. Then she spoke to the group about the work they do caring for children in Chicago. SOS Children’s Villages foster care model is committed to keeping siblings together. All of the participants were touched by the stories Ms. Glaza told.

MGT Consulting’s leadership staff arrived as coworkers that day, and left as teammates. Having had a genuine opportunity to practice teamwork in a way that benefited kids in need. It also generated the kind of connection that would serve them well once they returned to their offices.

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