Team Synergy

Our corporate Team Synergy ™ workshop is all about getting your high-performance team to connect, collaborate and continue towards even higher degrees of success than they’re already achieving.

After all, every group can use a refresher course on teamwork!

A Challenge for Your High-Performing Group

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-BuildingTake your ace team and give them a challenge: a Team Synergy™ challenge that asks them to collaborate rather than compete. They’ll enjoy working their way though interactive modules designed to strengthen each team member’s understanding of how working together leads to greater efficiency in achieving group goals.

That special alliance of individual strengths coming together for a common purpose is what we call Team Synergy™, and it’s what this workshop is designed to instill in your group.

Teams will work towards improvement in the following areas as they examine the different personality styles that comprise their group:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Improving Communications
  • Tapping into Creativity
  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Dealing with Limited Resources

From Workshop to Workplace, Team Synergy™ Fosters Collaboration

Our workshop developers have written Team Synergy™ into every module in this workshop. There’s no way for teams to move past obstacles unless they work together! You’ll recognize it as a microcosm of the workplace, where the same skills will lead to success in whatever goals your team is pursuing.

Edging Up on Challenge, Then Making it Work in the Office

One challenge your group will face is bringing what they’ve learned into the realm of the practical. After all, what good are team building lessons when they can’t be transferred back to the work environment? Our super-talented facilitators will challenge your team to make direct connections between workshop activities and workplace scenarios.

We’re aiming for a transfer of Team Synergy™ from classroom to boardroom! High level communication skills come into play as the activities, the debriefing sessions and the questions get progressively more challenging throughout the course of the workshop.

Team Synergy™ is the Goal, But Having Fun is a “Natural By-Product”

Of course the workshop injects some fun into the day, amidst all this “hard work”! This is achieved through interactive modules designed to get your team moving, thinking and even at times laughing. By getting involved, each team member has the opportunity to try out new patterns of communication and interaction.

Please call us today or fill out our quote form if your group could use a refresher course on Team Synergy™.