Team Fusion

Team Fusion ™ Offers Solutions to Your Challenges

Team-Fusion-Team-BuildingWhen team development requires overcoming an obstacle, your best option for removing those obstacles is our Team Fusion™ corporate team building workshop. Designed to move your team towards success during a challenging phase at work, this workshop promises some positive change for your team at a time when they could probably use it the most.

When Teams Face Obstacles, Team Fusion™ Comes to the Rescue!

Offered as a solution for positive change, Team Fusion™ has helped many of our clients steer their teams through trying times, such as:

  • morale issues
  • other internal issues causing strife and disruption
  • corporate change
  • growth issues
  • newly formed teams

As you can see, some “challenges” are more troubling than others, but no matter what your team is facing, a day of Team Fusion™ can really set things on the path to cohesion and a more productive team that rises to challenges rather than shrinks away from them.

This is Much More Than a Fun Day Out of the Office

Like all our corporate development workshops, Team Fusion ™ is based on sound principles of education, workplace effectiveness, and group behavior. We’re not just playing games! Our developers know what can take a team whose members aren’t performing up to their usual standards, and help them reconnect with each other, their work, and themselves.

Through carefully selected activities led by professional facilitators who can engage even the most challenging group, Team Fusion™ gets your team back on track.

What’s Happening With Your Team Right Now?

We’ll begin developing a custom workshop for your team after an initial consultation where we help you identify your goals for the session. We’ll ensure that the workshop delivers actionable lessons that teams can take back to work with them and continue to draw from after the workshop has ended.

You see, Team Fusion™ is blueprint for the future of interaction amongst your team members. Enjoy small successes during the workshop event, then plug them into your corporate setting as a method for positive change.

Team Fusion™ Offers the Perfect Blend of Classroom Time & Experiential Learning

Team Fusion™ is about building skills, more so than practicing them. Although all of our workshops entail action-based modules, Team Fusion™, more than any other workshop we offer, takes place in a classroom setting.

Of course none of our facilitators are in this industry to stand up and simply talk to a group for hours on end…and that’s not how our workshops are designed. The classroom time serves to simply provide a foundation for interactive modules that are to follow.

If you’d like to learn more about how Chicago Team Building Events can help your team function better, please call us today and we can start the dialogue towards positive change!