DiSC Personality Training

A DiSC Personality Training Workshop is the fastest route to helping your group gain an understanding of communication styles that
leads to better team work.

Why? Because great teamwork is all about communicating and understanding where your colleagues are coming from.

Comprehend Motivation, and You’re Halfway There

Everything-DiSC-Authorized-PartnerWhen individuals develop a basic understanding of each others’ motivations, communication barriers melt away and true team building
begins to take place at higher levels than ever before. What DiSC™ Personality Training offers is insight into what motivates
others, based on their personality styles.

What Motivates Your Team?

Call it a crash course in human psychology and methods of dealing with differences in the work place. This is a personality
assessment, not a test. Of course there are no right or wrong descriptors in DiSC™, only ways to understand colleagues’
motivations on a deeper level. It’s about improving communication, not placing people in boxes or putting labels on them.

A Powerful Tool for Building a Common Language

We don’t all have to think alike in order to get things done. In fact, teams are more effective when a variety of personality
styles are at work. The simply need to be given a common language. DiSC™ Personality Training teaches individuals to appreciate
differences and gives them the tools to integrate variety into their team work on a daily basis.

An Effective Tool For Addressing Your Concerns

Teams always face a challenge when there’s a mix of preferences involved. It’s natural. However, certain factors in the workplace
can exacerbate personality differences and present you with an even bigger challenge. For this reason, many of our clients come to
us with specific concerns in mind, which can be addressed via the DiSC™ Personality Training workshop.
Corporate change, morale issues, expansion, or restructuring in the work place can all raise the level of stress. This is when
teams are especially vulnerable to the role that personality takes in how we interact with one another. DiSC™ aims to reverse that
action, by providing an in-depth look at the four different personality styles and how they affect individual motivation and how we
interact with others at work.
Like our other workshops, the DiSC™ Training is filled with interactive modules that make learning fun. Team members will gain an
appreciation of styles, along with new-found respect for their colleagues, which as we all know is the foundation for a truly great
If you’d like to learn more about the DiSC™ Assessment and how it can help your team, please give us a call today. We’d love to
share our ideas with you!