Completely Custom Team Building

Tell us your goals, and we’ll get busy designing a Completely Custom team building event that caters to Anything & Everything you want.

Anything-Everything-Completely-Custom-Team-BuildingBe it stronger communication skills, a boost in morale, or new ways to tap into creativity, there’s a perfect blend of activities for your group’s goals. We’ll create an event that combines classroom time with lots of experiential learning exercises, putting together a targeted experience that delivers results.

We’ll Even Help You Define Your Goals

Each Completely Custom team building workshop begins with a meeting. Our professional developers sit down with you, the client, and listen to what you’d like to accomplish. Even if you haven’t pinpointed what your goals are, we can help you define them. Through an active dialogue with you, we’ll come up with a blueprint for your Completely Custom workshop.

  • Want to see a group of competitors come together and gel as a group? We’ve got the answer for that.
  • Want to see more effective communication among your group members? Got that one too.
  • Need to jump-start your team after they’ve fallen into a stale routine at work? No problem!

We’ve got 50 years of research and history driving our workshop developers- that’s a lot to draw from! Not only that, but our facilitators have an average of 15 years of experience behind them. They are professionals who love their work and we here at Chicago Team Building Events take pride in the fact that we’ve hired such wonderful talent.

Completely Custom Team Building Combines Fun Activities With Challenging Objectives

Do you know what all that experience and research has taught us? It’s taught us that students learn, people grow, and teams get stronger when individuals are engaged in what they’re doing. By designing fun yet challenging activities that allow participants to test new skills and practice new ways of doing things, we’re actively engaging them for a full round of team building improvement.

Participants won’t just be solving silly puzzles and then returning to work unchanged. They’ll be overcoming obstacles that relate back to the work environment. By leading teams through well-planned debriefing sessions after the day’s activities, our professional facilitators make it easy to make real-world correlations, setting a blueprint for the future.

We’ll customize the length of your workshop, too. It can last anywhere from 2 1/2 hours to a full day to even a two-day event. For workshops that incorporate a charitable dimension, we’ll even work with whichever charity you’d like.

All you have to do is call us today and tell us what you’d like for your team!