The Big Picture Mural Team Building

The Big Picture ™ brings out the creative side in all your team members as each stretches beyond his or her normal roles to discover the artist that lives inside each and every one of us.

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-BuildingThe goal? We all know there’s no room for fear when it comes to accomplishing group goals. By overcoming fear of sharing new ideas, team members become assets and The Big Picture™ is more attainable than ever!

See the Value of a Diverse Set of Minds in Creating The Big Picture™

Teams will come to see the value in having not only a Monet, but also a Picasso and a VanGogh in the mix when they’re reaching for success. Even when the goal isn’t quite as artistic as the end product of The Big Picture™, creativity in how we think helps us become more productive and of course much better at our jobs.

By stretching into new roles and waking up the creative side of the brain, your team members will learn to approach challenges in fresh new ways.

Tap Into Creativity

We all know that certain parts of the brain get over-used at work, while other parts are underused…typically it’s the creative side that doesn’t get to come out often enough. By opening up, discovering their creative personalities and solving problems together, team members wake up to new ways of doing things.

The idea is for individuals to learn more about their colleagues, themselves, and how they all interact for a productive and efficient team that achieves its goals through great teamwork. The Big Picture™ teaches individuals how to:

  • overcome fears of contributing ideas to the group
  • let go of ideas that won’t work and refocus on new ones
  • view their team members as creative resources
  • use the creative side of the brain to increase individual and team efficiency

What Exactly is The Big Picture™?

You may be wondering what The Big Picture™ really is…it’s literally a group art project involving creative collage materials. There’s no paint involved so no messy cleanup, no spills. In fact, unused art materials will be gathered up by our facilitators after the workshop and donated to a local Chicago art program.

Call us today if you’d like to awaken the creative side of all your team members with The Big Picture™ corporate development workshop. We can help your team come together and create something wonderful.