Amazing Scavenger Race

Take advantage of the incredible city we live in, and conduct your next corporate team building event all around Chicago with the Amazing Scavenger Race.

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Team-BuildingScouring the city for clues and marking each achievement with hilarious photos is the basis for this high-energy workshop. It’s real-life, real-time practice for your group to put their best teamwork skills to the test!

Groups fan out all over the city, from inside The Loop to the Magnificent Mile to the Navy Pier. They’ll be racing against the clock to chase goals that can only be achieved by following clues, working together productively as a team, and using high-level communication skills where everyone gets involved in finding solutions. We also have courses designed for all of the major suburbs and business centers, just ask!

Practice Makes For a Better Team

We won’t say “practice makes perfect” because nobody’s perfect…but challenging events like The Amazing Scavenger Race certainly bring teams closer to performing at their optimal levels! By stretching each individual’s functions beyond everyday patterns they fall into at the office, we teach new ways to communicate. Hitting the streets and neighborhoods of Chicago and testing their communicative skills in a completely new environment strengthens your team in numerous ways.

So Much Fun…But That’s Just a Side Effect of a Well-Designed Workshop!

By structuring The Amazing Scavenger Race upon a four-part model of effective learning, our workshop developers ensure that having fun isn’t the only benefit of the day! The obstacles, the puzzles and the activities all fit into one of these four basic components of learning:

  1. action
  2. feedback
  3. adjustment
  4. action again

By repeating this pattern throughout the day, your group is building solid bonds that will make them a stronger team in whatever they do going forward. It’s hard to tell from the zany pictures of past groups who’ve completed this workshop, but yes: The Amazing Scavenger Race does have business applications!

Points for Creativity

Snapping pictures at each stage of the race is each team’s way of proving they’ve achieved that particular goal. They’ll be uploading their pictures to a website, and points will be awarded for creativity. As a hilarious and unforgettable final act, teams come together at the end of the day and watch a slideshow of…you guessed it, all the photos taken during The Amazing Scavenger Race!

If you’d like to help your team practice their skills out in the great city of Chicago, please call us today or fill out the quote request form. We can even customize the course, using location suggestions from you, if you like!