Wagon Builders Team Building

Build Hope in the Wagon Builders ™ Charity Team Building Workshop

Wagon-Builders-Charity-Team-Building-LogoInspire hope, build dreams and bring everyone together with our Wagon Builders ™ Charity Team Building Workshop. It’s a way for your team to develop their connections with each other and with the Chicago neighborhoods that benefit from the wagons they build. It’s all in a day’s “work” with this skill-enhancing, interactive charity workshop.

What Can a Little Red Wagon Do To Build Hope?

Chicago-Team-Building-Events-Wagon-Builders-1As a child, you may or may not have toted your toys around in a little red wagon, but you probably know what one is! These highly recognizable icons of childhood are symbols of hope and happiness – and now with our Wagon Builders™ charity workshop they also represent community and giving.

You see, teams will work to earn tools and parts so they can build the little red wagons, then as an option they can fill them with treasures that benefit local families. The sense of purpose teams feel drives them to work harder for success: and that’s where they begin to stretch beyond their usual patterns of interaction.

A Purpose-Driven Workshop That Fully Engages Your Team

In our experience, we’ve found that teams who feel a sense of engagement are more likely to work harder to achieve their goals. The entire cornerstone of charity team building workshops is built upon that concept, and our professional facilitators really know how to make it work for your team.

They’ll challenge individuals to contribute more freely to group projects. They’ll challenge teams to work harder at creative thinking as a way to arrive at solutions. Our facilitators will challenge your team in so many ways, you’ll continue to see results long after the workshop has ended.

Building Skills For the Long Term

Wagon Builders™ is a workshop all about building upon strengths and improving the way your team works. This happens both during the action-based workshop activities and back in the office, when they’ll build upon their collaborative skills honed while building wagons. You’ll recognize business applications for lessons learned…practical applications such as:

  • creative thinking
  • communication
  • productivity
  • resource management
  • improved morale

Building is About Collaboration: Wagon Builders™ Brings it All Together

Chicago-Team-Building-Events-Wagon-Builders-2Teams learn to collaborate rather than compete in order to assemble their wagons. The bonds are further strengthened when lasting memories are created after a heart-warming donation ceremony at the end of the workshop.

Let us know if you have a not-for-profit organization you’d like to work with, and we’ll make the arrangements for your team’s little red wagons to benefit that group. As an option, your teams can also fill the wagons with treasures for children’s hospitals, shelters, whatever you’d like.

Call us today or fill out our quote form and see how the Wagon Builders™ workshop can help build your team into greatness!