Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building

Bring Out The Helping Hands With Our Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop!

Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-Animal-Team-Building-Build-A-Bear-300Does helping kids in distress fit your company’s particular mission of social responsibility? CSR is all the buzz these days, but the concept of bringing groups together to benefit the community isn’t new to us! Here at Chicago Team Building Events, we’re old hands at bridging partnerships between Chicago-based charitable organizations and companies like yours.

Bring in your team and help us help local kids in distress- our Rescue Buddies™ Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop sets you up for success in not only forming authentic connections with the local community but also working towards a stronger, smarter team.

How Does the Rescue Buddies™ Workshop Work?

Not everyone knows this, but first responders often carry teddy bears to work with them! It’s true- and while it’s not what you may think, it’s an act of kindness every time a firefighter, police officer or paramedic hands a stuffed animal to a traumatized child at an emergency scene.

Where does your team come in? That’s where the Rescue Buddies™ they build during this workshop will end up: in the service vehicle of a first responder, where they’ll be handy the next time they’re called for duty to soothe a child in distress.

You’ll even be helping out the first responders, who often pay for stuffed animals out of their own pockets. The Rescue Buddies™ Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop gives you the opportunity to benefit two Chicago groups.

Positive Change in the Community, Positive Growth in the Conference Room

Don’t forget: this is also a team building workshop. Teams aren’t just stuffing animals- they’ll have to show some skill before any teddy bears get made! Our professional facilitators won’t make it easy on your team, but that’s because we know they’re ready for a challenge. Challenge brings communication, collaboration, and better teamwork all around.

Memorable, Exciting, Challenging, and Powerful

Our Rescue Buddies™ Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop is all those things, because we designed it to be that way. Our expert workshop developers have an average of 15 years of team building behind them and they know what drives success.

If you’d like to learn more about this charity team building event for Chicago teams, please give us a call today. We can customize the event to fit your time frame, your charity, and your style.