Mission: Military Care

Mission: Military Care ™ is Your Chance to Make a Difference Where it Really Matters

Mission-Military-Care-Team-BuildingBravery is the cornerstone of success. Ask any entrepreneur, any CEO or any high-performing group of individuals…success comes from the courage to try new things, to speak out and offer your ideas, and the courage to persevere no matter what.

The Most Courageous Among Us…

But those who truly know the meaning of bravery are those among us who serve in the military. They put their lives on the line for the rest of us and show courage every single day. That’s why we here at Chicago Team Building Events are impassioned about helping them any way we can.

Mission: Military Care ™ is how we bring that zeal to life. By offering a charity team building workshop that gives back to our service men and women, we like to think we’re putting our values to work- and you can do the same by selecting this effective and engaging workshop.

Military care packages your team assembles will go to our service men and women through partnerships with several groups, including:

  • Operation Shoebox
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Wounded Warrior Project

Support Our Service Men and Women While You Enhance Your Team

Choosing Mission: Military Care ™ isn’t just about helping out our Military. It’s also a professionally developed team building workshop designed to take your group to higher levels of achievement…both during the course of the day and beyond.

Courage comes into play again, as individuals learn to overcome fears in order to achieve their goals. Very often there’s something holding people back when it comes to contributing their own ideas in a group environment. When the fear involves failing amidst colleagues, the fear is even deeper.

Mission: Military Care™ aims to remove those fears and teach team members that success is based on courage. This valuable lesson is promoted by drawing inspiration from the Military themselves…after all, who knows more about courage then they do?

It’s Like Bootcamp for Team Building Skills

Our professional facilitators will put your team through a bootcamp of experiential exercises designed to put their new collaborative skills to the test. One common scenario in today’s “connected” workplace is an overload of information. Activities designed to help them sort through an overload of data in order to accomplish a task will be incorporated into this workshop, so your team comes away with applicable skills.

If you’d like to join Chicago Team Building Events in helping out our military while you build your team’s skills, just give us a call today. We’d love to partner with you in a Mission: Military Care™ workshop.