Holiday Team Building

This year, why not add a new dimension to your Holiday party with one of our Holiday Team Building Workshops?

Holiday-Team-Building-LogoYour company can still celebrate in style and with loads of cheer, only they’ll be putting their Holiday spirit to work, helping out a Chicago charity as well. Isn’t that what the Season of Giving is all about?

There are so many ways to celebrate the end of the year, but coming together for the benefit of those less fortunate is a classic way to spread goodwill during the Holidays. Your team also strengthens the bonds that make them work better together, and even may improve some skills while they’re at it!

Holiday Team Building- Three Objectives Rolled into One Fantastic Party

The usual Holiday party can get stale…punch, gag gifts, and way too many cookies. Inject some team building, some charitable work and some fun yet challenging activities and you’ve got yourself a merry little event which everyone will enjoy. Your group won’t even know they’ve been improving their workplace skills- they’ll be having so much fun.

Chicago Team Building Events Has Your Team Celebrating and Improving

Of course, all our workshops, Holiday Workshops included, have team building work built right in. We can dial up the intensity of learning when you need it, or dial it back for your Holiday Workshop, but there’s always team building going on wherever we go- it’s what we do!

Charitable Work for Chicago- What’s Your Pick?

Take a look at our selection of Charity Team Building events …we can take any one of them and customize things so it becomes a Holiday Workshop. Or simply come to us with your goals, your ideas and your vision and we’ll customize a Holiday Workshop that nobody will soon forget. Here are some ways we take our Charity Team Building Workshops and transform them into Holiday magic for your event:

  • Mission-Kids-Care-Team-BuildingMission: Kids Care. This charitable workshop gathers school supplies for kids going back to school. For the Holidays, we’ll forgo the pencils, paper and scissors and substitute Holiday gifts instead. Your team can brighten the Holidays for some Chicago kids.
  • Mission-Military-Care-Team-BuildingMission: Military Care. During the rest of the year, this workshop produces care packages for members of the military who are stationed away from home. During the Holidays, when they really miss their families even more, we have participants assemble Holiday-themed care packages for those stationed overseas.

Planning Your Holiday Workshop Event

Holiday planning starts early around here, and we’re sure it does at your company, too. Call us early on to schedule a Holiday Team Building Workshop for your group, as slots fill up quickly.