Happy Tails

The Happy Tails Event Benefits Animal Shelters Here In Chicagoland

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.

-John Muir

Pets enrich the lives of so many people- and our local pet shelters make it all possible. Why not take your next team building workshop and make it a charity event to help out a local shelter?

Chicago’s Communities Benefit From Your Team’s Efforts

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Happy Tails, a charity team building workshop, helps your team with valuable workplace skills while benefiting a Chicago pet shelter that facilitates pet adoptions. You see, every year, people who would love to adopt a pet are unable to do so because of the steep upfront costs. Sadly, this contributes to the unfortunate fact that over half of pets who enter shelters must be euthanized.

Strengthening Bonds With Your Neighborhood

Chicago Team Building has found a way we can all help alleviate this problem by creating a workshop whose proceeds go to would-be pet owners. Teams assemble pet care packages for new pet owners who need the kind of things found in the packages…pet bowls, collars, chew toys. These and other incidentals really add up when you’re adopting a pet, and now you and Chicago Team Building can help!

Your Team Sees Its Own Benefits, Too

Happy Tails brings colleagues together and binds them to a common cause. Turns out that’s a great motivating force! Our facilitators put that energy to work by incorporating important team development lessons into each and every hands-on activity.

Teams aren’t just solving puzzles to earn items for their pet care packages. They’re also…

  • learning about communication styles
  • making use of insights on various styles to become better collaborators
  • strengthening their team for greater productivity
  • practicing their teamwork skills and upping the ante on achieving their goals

You see, it may look like all fun and games as colleagues have a ball meeting the challenges placed before them by our facilitators…but we know just how to challenge them in ways that will help them grow. You’ll see benefits long after the event has ended and everyone has returned to work!

Let Us Customize a Happy Tails Workshop For You

There are a lot of ways you can have your charity workshop tailored just for your group: choose your own pet shelter, give to the ASPCA, or any program of your choosing that fits with the Happy Tails theme. We’ll be glad to accommodate what you have in mind.

Just call us or fill out the handy quote form you see on this website and we’ll get started on your Happy Tails team building workshop.