Donate A Dinner

Now there’s a new way to help the fight against hunger, right here in Chicago. It’s called Donate a Dinner, a workshop that offers your team the chance to help local organizations serve hot meals to those in need. Make the world a better place and help your team work towards personal fulfillment and group development, all in one day.

Keeping it Local Means Engaging for a Cause Everyone Can Believe In!

Donate-a-Dinner-Team-BuildingYou’ll see positive change all around. Watch team members find common ground as they collaborate to fulfill their mission during this high-energy workshop that gets everyone motivated for success.

They’ll form lasting connections with the community and lasting memories with each other as they work hard to earn enough points for a donation. The more points they earn, the larger their donation will be! Their level of engagement determines their level of giving…it’s a good thing our professional facilitators know exactly how to get everyone involved!

It’s a friendly atmosphere of collaboration where individuals aren’t afraid to contribute their ideas to solving problems and finding answers to puzzles. In fact, confidence-building is yet another benefit …everyone takes part in the final success of the group, and everyone feels the power of giving and the pride of accomplishment as they see how large their donation becomes!

The Power of a Social Mission

By now most of us know the bonding, motivating effects of working for a company that cares about the world around it. More and more clients come to us every week and express concern about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We’re more than happy to help out by steering companies like yours to our growing selection of charitable workshops like Donate a Dinner. You’ll love all the ways your team will exhibit signs of positive change after this engaging, challenging and fulfilling workshop:

  • improved communication
  • big picture thinking
  • collaboration
  • creative problem solving

Team Building Success is Always a Factor!

How do we do it? Well it doesn’t hurt to have a cracker-jack team of workshop developers constantly on the job to ensure that each and every workshop we deliver is tailored to suit all your specifications!

It also helps to have some of the most talented individuals in the industry working for us: these would be our facilitators, who make it their mission to engage your group and get everyone involved in a stress-free environment that promotes growth.

If you’d like to find out how your team can help the fight against hunger right here in Chicago, give us a call today and ask about Donate a Dinner.