Charity Giving Stations

When it’s all about “giving”…

charity-giving-stations-logoTeamwork is important, but some groups want to focus on giving to charity.  Charity Giving Stations is an exciting new way for teams to become actively involved helping out Chicago charities.

More and more, employees are asking to become part of the charitable mission of the company they work for.  By getting involved in a real and productive manner, teams get to feel good about their jobs, their company, and themselves as they build bridges with the Chicago community.

Teamwork is still important.

Charity-Giving-Stations-What-Are-Your-GoalsTeamwork is essential to most endeavors, so it will come as no surprise to you that this workshop is also about honing those important team-building skills.  The difference is: we’ve stripped away the skill-building challenges so every bit of energy goes into producing donations for charity.

This is high-performance giving!

When participants arrive for their Charity Giving Stations event, they’ll see the actual stations set up for them- complete with tools, materials, parts, and more.  Facilitators join the mix, making sure each person knows what he or she’s doing and where they’re going.

Then, they get to jump right in and start producing!  Everything your group needs is right there in front of them, so all they need is some good teamwork action and they’re off to the races.

Working together locally and then giving locally.

From bicycles for the Chicago Boys & Girls Clubs to Rescue Buddies™ for our city’s first responders, teams are busy producing much needed resources for actual people living in Chicago.  They’re not just donating cash to faceless recipients, either.  It’s the people right here in our own city that benefit from all donations produced by groups who choose Charity Giving Stations.

Choose your donations.

Charity events go much better when everyone stands behind what you’re doing.  That’s why we give you the opportunity to select your own mix of donation items to produce.

We’ve taken four of our most popular charity team building workshops and made it possible for you to choose one, any, or all of their donation items for your Charity Giving Stations event:





Finding value alignment is easy.

Any one of the 4 donation categories above can be matched with a charitable organization you may have worked with in the past.  During your initial consultation, let us know of any such alliances your company may already have formed, and we’ll Chicago-Team-Building-Events-Bicycle-Team-Building-1do the legwork to line them up as recipients for donations from your your Charity Giving Stations event.

Don’t have a specific charity in mind?  Tell us what drives your group and we’ll make a suggestion.  For example, maybe the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago is a cause that speaks your language.  In that case we’d suggest the Bike-A-Thon™ theme for your Charity Giving Stations event.  That’s where teams actually build bicycles for kids right here in Chicago.

Here’s how clients are booking Charity Giving Stations.

There are many good reasons to book an all-donations event, but these are the most popular:

  • as a holiday event: it’s a great way to celebrate the holidays and get everyone involved in end-of-year giving
  • as a conference activity: this hands-on event gets everyone out of their seats and moving about, working together for Chicago charities- the perfect antidote to sitting all day or listening to speakers or sitting through endless meetings
  • as a networking event.  This works so well for groups where people don’t know each other.  Since they’re focused on building things, there’s lots to talk about and plenty of opportunity to introduce themselves to one another.
  • a great event for extra-large groups.  We can easily accommodate hundreds of people for this event.  Of course everyone gets to participate!

If this sounds right for your group, please call us and we’ll get started creating a Charity Giving Stations event for you!