Baker & McKenzie Global Execs Build Bikes in Record Time

A lot goes into a successful workshop, but good communication tops the list.  Another list-topper: participants who are ready to try new things.

Bicycle-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoBaker & McKenzie LLC’s Bike-A-Thon™ workshop was a great example of both.  75 company executives from their offices around the world arrived for meetings at company headquarters in downtown Chicago in early September.

Powerful lessons packed into just 2 hours.

On the agenda was a bicycle building workshop event but they only had two hours to spare.  No problem- we can customize any of our Chicago team building workshops to fit any type of schedule.

It was one of the shortest workshop events we’ve ever done but also one of the most effective.  The group of 75 worked efficiently and got down to brass tacks right away so their bicycles would be completed on time.

Lessons learned?  Good communication serves us well in any situation, whether it’s the boardroom or the assembly line!

How a mindset for success can move you closer to any goal.

Without the benefit of icebreakers or any other introductory activities we usually work into these events, the Baker & McKenzie executives were able to complete their bicycles in record time.

Baker-MckenzieHow did they do this?  Great communication skills, for one.  Secondly, they didn’t let a little unfamiliarity with one another stop them from working like pros to build those bikes!

With a mindset for success, participants were able to focus on the goal of completing their bikes on time.  It’s always a positive thing when we’re able to step outside our normal daily roles to flex our communication muscles.  These executives used that to transform themselves into highly efficient construction teams and they met their workshop goals.  Way to go!

When your goal is inspired by doing good things for the community, teamwork is a cinch!

These execs weren’t just building bikes to feel good about their teamwork skills- they were actually working to make donations to a Chicago charity.  For groups like the Boys & Girls Club of America, these donated bicycles are so important to the kids they help.

So, no icebreakers needed- working for a good cause like building bikes for charity naturally brings teams together to do their best work.

3 days of meetings were balanced out by the hands-on activities of building bikes.

With meetings and global travel behind them, the Baker & McKenzie group was ready to plunge into building bicycles.  We keep all our workshops interactive but especially our charity events.  While teamwork is behind everything we do, we also know that sometimes a group really needs a way to decompress and relate to one another in a fresh, inspiring environment.  Bike-A-Thon™ was all that and more- good work from everyone!

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