A Bike Build with Salesforce

Salesforce Picks a Bike Build for Positive Change

Salesforce is on the upswing these days, expanding their offices and generally capturing market share as they go. When they moved into Indianapolis, was saw that as yet another sign that this company is all about growth and positive change.

But back here in their Chicago offices, we were happy to help them build local connections with the community as their new sister offices in Indy settled in and make their mark on that city.

Bike-A-Thon™ is the Perfect Workshop for Growth and Positive Change in the Neighborhood

While Salesforce expands nationally, the Chicago offices were more locally-focused this day with us. The focus was on giving back to the immediate community, right here in Chicago.Salesforce

Our Bike-A-Thon™ Charity Team Building Workshop is ideal for fostering great relations in the neighborhood. Teams get together, hone a few team building skills, then apply them to assembling bicycles. Those bicycles are then donated to local kids via charitable organizations. Everyone gets to meet new people and feel as if they’re part of a real community.

And, with every charity workshop, that’s more and more the case. That’s positive change for everyone!

In fact, it’s really what our charity workshops are meant for: building bridges between business and community, forming the kinds of civic bonds that make a city great. We’re proud to be in the Chicago area, and every time a customer of ours chooses a charity workshop, we know our city is going to be even better because of it.

Salesforce Really Puts Some Walk into Their Talk on Positive Change

We hear the term “positive change” so much it’s almost meaningless taken out of context. But the higher-ups at Salesforce really put the meaning back into this over-used phrase, and here’s how.

Salesforce chose their new city very carefully. Originally out of San Francisco, where they are still headquartered, they then expanded to Chicago. That’s how we got to know this company, through the team building workshops we offer. Now they’re expanding to Indianapolis and it’s no accident that Indy has a strong record on civil rights.

In fact, Salesforce.com CEO Scott McCorkle has been quoted as saying Indianapolis’ great track record on civil rights was a major influence in his decision on where to locate the new offices.

As champions of positive change and team work at all levels, we applaud that! Thanks for a great day, Salesforce!


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